King William Street Capital Management Segregated Portfolio
(KWSCM) is an Alternative Investment Fund (launched in March
2016) offering UK and International (non-US) clients the opportunity
to diversify their overall investment portfolio into the fastest growing
asset class, Foreign Exchange ‘FX’.
Based in London, the world’s largest FX marketplace, our objective
for the FX Fund is to create market-leading returns for our investors
through a focus on short-term systematic trading predominantly in
FX instruments.
The fund aims to provide professional investors access to profitable
trading strategies developed over 12 years of proprietary trading by
John and Chris Pordum.
The fund relies on incorporating proven trading strategies with
a systematic approach. We believe there are 3 important factors in
determining a fund’s ongoing success; the team, technology
development and industry relationships.
With a highly motivated team and a wide range of experience we
are focused on a common goal of becoming a major player in the
FX fund space. Through the use of technology, for both competitive
advantage risk management purposes and cultivating strong industry
relationships with key players, we seek to develop and maintain an
‘edge’ that we believe will allow us to generate consistent positive returns.

Investment Strategy

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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

KWSCM seeks to achieve the fund's objectives through allocating client assets to a number of industry proven strategies in FX

Investment Features

Investment Features

G10 currencies, systematic trading approach

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is central to our investments process. Ensuring all risks are understood, monitored and mitigated where possible


KWSCM seek to achieve the funds objectives through allocating assets to a number of strategies


50+ Trades/Day
G10 Currency Pairs

Mean Reversion

1+ Trades/Day
G10 Currency Pairs

Relative Value

2+ Trades/Day
G10 Currency Pairs


10+ Trades/Day
G10 Currency Pairs


1+ Trades/Day
G10 Currency Pairs

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