• Assets traded are the G10 currencies and spot gold (XAU/USD)

• Systematic trading approach, trade plans are followed and reviewed daily. Algorithms are used as tools to assist the investment process but not relied on solely as a means of managing decision making

• Highly liquid approach

• Short term position trading

• Limited downside risk with unlimited upside

• Understanding which market mode suits which strategy

• Exposure limit: Maximum notional open position 6 times assets under management for ordinary shares

• Use of technological tools and systems to offer new opportunities to become more efficient and refine existing strategies for both performance and to improve risk management

• Maintaining close relationships with key partners and advisors to ensure strategies are sustainable and profitable. Staying abreast of changes with our Liquidity Providers allows us to adapt and adjust without any delay, whilst also planning for future changes.

Investment Process

This will vary slightly for each strategy deployed but generally will follow the points below;

• Portfolio Managers, aided by the systematic approach, consistently seek opportunities to profit from market signals

• Macroeconomic analysis is carried out to further assess viability and risk parameters

• Technical analysis is carried out to further assess opportunity viability, entry, exit and risk parameters

• All parameters of the Emotional Control System must be met before trading starts

• Execution, trade management and exit

• Evaluation